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As a digital equities broker, we believe that getting up to date information and insights is an absolute must ...not an option any longer.

That is why we complement our app notifictions services with the TELEGRAM app to ensure you receive information and insights in a timely fashion. We send ideas on what to trade, when to trade and what we anticipate the take profit target price to be via Telegram. We also share the latest 'trading related information' that we think you could benefit from.   ​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​

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We have not one,but two Telegram channels designed for people like you who have a million things to do and are always on the go.



This is our maiden channel open to all investors. Contents posted here are actionable ideas and webinar notices with listed companies geared exclusively to investors like you and me. So make sure your alerts are turned on! 

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Our 2nd Telegram group combines the insights of Kenanga and RT's Research and Algorithm teams into a single group. We will share our call's performance and where applicable "Take Profit" suggestions. The first of its kind in Malaysia.

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