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Investing can be intimidating, especially for someone with no prior trading experience or who isn't used to a completely digital platform. Not to worry, we're here to show you simple steps to get you up and running easily. And remember because we are a completely digital broker, you can open an account and receive approval via online!


Equity trading is the buying and selling of shares for the purposes of hopefully making a profit. And so, it is important that the broker you choose should match your lifestyle preferences.

Just like how you would choose an airline to fly with, do you want a low-cost carrier, a full-service carrier or something in between? We suggest looking into the following elements when choosing a broker: 

  • Are they licensed?
  • Do they specialise in catering to retail investors? Remember a lot of brokers design their services around corporate/institutional investors and not for individuals
  • How much do they charge? Brokerage rates are similar to agency fees and are charges that you have to pay on top of the cost of buying or selling shares
  • Do they extend investment ideas that you are comfortable with so you can get some idea of what to buy and when to sell?
  • Can you get assistance when you need it? Don't forget the share market can move pretty quickly.

Open an account with us today! It's super easy!


365 online betting Trade offers different ways to trade on Bursa Malaysia. You can apply for one or both when you trade with us. 

  • A Cash Upfront account operates like a debit card allowing you to trade using only available cash in hand. 
  • DUAL comprises of a Cash Upfront & Contra account - offering the convenience of trading via available funds (like a debit card) or via an increased trading limit of up to 5x more based on share and cash value with transactions needing to be settled within 2 days (like a charge card).
  • COMBO comprises of a Cash Upfront & RakuMargin account - offering the convenience of trading via available funds (like a debit card) or an extended facility limit (like a credit card).

Our online account opening procedure is fast and easy. Follow the provided instructions, make sure you submit the relevant documents, you'll know if your application was successful! 

And a full fledged digital stockbroker, we DO NOT employ any agents or marketing representatives. We do though collaborate with social educators who provide information on digital trading and on 365 online betting Trade - Spark Liang 張開亮 , Myfintalk and Dividend Magic only.


Depositing cash / shares in your 365 online betting Trade account is super simple. To deposit cash, below RM30,000, you just need to perform a simple online bank transfer like you would normally. 

If you would like to transfer in shares, you just need to inform your current broker and they will process it accordingly. We do not charge a transfer in fee.


Access our trading platform via our app. It is a localized version of Japan's leading mobile app developed by 365 online betting Securities Inc. The app allows you to manage your trading activities conveniently or while on the go.


*T&C apply

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